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PUMP-FLO Premium Support: premiumsupport@pump-flo.com

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EsiheadquartersPUMP-FLO™ Solutions Business Unit (An Engineered Software, Inc. Business) was officially founded in 2002, and is the leading provider of Windows and Web-based software solutions for the fluid handling industry. The actual PUMP-FLO software and technology was developed in 1986 out of a feature in the program PIPE-FLO® by Engineered Software.

From the beginning, PUMP-FLO Solutions has been at the forefront of leadership and technology innovation. The result is our industry standard PUMP-FLO software platform used by pump manufacturers, distributors, and buyers/users to streamline the pump sizing, selection, quotation and pricing/configuration process.

Since its inception, PUMP-FLO Solutions has increased the quantity of pump manufacturers' catalogs available for PUMP-FLO software users by nearly double what was originally offered. In 2002, PUMP-FLO Solutions launched a web-based version of the software called ePUMP-FLO for manufacturers and their distributors. ePUMP-FLO is used for online pump selection and lead generation through the manufacturer's website.

Shortly thereafter the free web-based version, called PUMP-FLO.com, was made available through registration on the www.pump-flo.com website. PUMP-FLO.com is a service for pump buyers, sellers, and educators to size, select and configure centrifugal pumps from leading manufacturers' catalogs. PUMP-FLO.com has entered into strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, whose catalogs are currently available for selection on PUMP-FLO.com.

Some of the largest and most recognized pump companies in the world, including Sulzer Pumps, Goulds Pumps, Gorman-Rupp, Patterson Pump, Crane Pumps & Systems, and The Pentair Pump Group, rely on PUMP-FLO Solutions' products and services to help optimize their business processes and increase sales and revenue. Currently PUMP-FLO Solutions has more than 276 manufacturers, 28,000 distributors, and 270,000 pump buyers/users actively using our software.

Leading Technology

PUMP-FLO Solutions' technology is the most widely used in the industry. PUMP-FLO goes far beyond anything else currently available in the marketplace in terms of speed, flexibility, and ease of use. Our web services and PUMP-FLO Insight software is known for its scalability and seamless integration into other enterprise applications.

Service and Support

In addition to its innovative technology, PUMP-FLO Solutions has a top-notch team of support and professional services professionals. Each client receives a dedicated product manager to assist with software implementation, marketing, lead generation, and training services. Plus our software includes free technical support for all program users, so you never have to worry about supporting the software.