October 2009

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New TP-410 Announced

PUMP-FLO Parent Co. ESI Aids Crane in TP410 Update, New Edition 2009 Available for Pre-Order

The engineering team from Engineered Software has been working diligently with the Crane Fluid Handling lead team on an update to Crane's Technical Paper No. 410 (TP410). This technical resource for flow through valves and fittings, was originally developed in 1942, updated several times since then and has now undergone a major revision.

The new edition has significant improvements to images and graphs as well as additional chapters on areas such as Pumps, Control Valves and Flow Meters. This release also marks the inclusion of online calculators for many of the nomographs on the companion website www.flowoffluids.com.

Corrections and updates to equations have been made, providing the industry with the latest advancements in fluid flow calculations and theories. A preview of the new content is available on the website as well, with an in-depth Foreword from the Crane Engineers.

Things you might not know about the TP410:

  • In 1855, founder R. T. Crane, begins his focus on the industrial area of fluid control

  • Much of the content was originally created in 1935 and published as "Flow of Fluids and Heat Transmission"

  • It wasn't introduced in its current format as the TP410 until 1957

Read the official Crane Press Release.

Pre-order your new copy of the TP410 today at www.flowoffluids.com


NEW PUMP-FLO Pump Curve Feature

Added functionality by your request!


We have recently improved the iso-horsepower generation feature in PUMP-FLO. We have added functionality to display the non-overloading power on each curve, even if that iso-horsepower line is above the rest of the curve.

In addition, we have improved the algorithm that generates iso-horsepower lines so that they more closely follow the power variations on the curve. If you have any question about the changes in this feature, please contact customer support at (360)-292-4060, or email solutions@pump-flo.com.




Newest Members of the PUMP-FLO Family

These are latest Manufacturer additions to the PUMP-FLO Catalogs


Over the past quarter, three new manufacturers were added to the PUMP-FLO Family, ITT Shanghai, SYKES Pumps, and SWABY pumps. Here is a little bit about our newest additions. ITT Shanghai in Singapore, China has chosen the PUMP-FLO™ software to streamline their pump selection process. As one of the most recognized brands in the pumping industry, ITT Shanghai chose the PUMP-FLO branded desktop software, with unlimited licensing capability, for its diverse customer base.

SYKES Pumps, an Australian pump manufacturer that specializes in the mining and dewatering industry, has also chosen the PUMP-FLO branded CD for their reps and engineers. While SYKES has been using PUMP-FLO for internal pump selection for years, the branded CD allows them to meet their customer demand for an easy to use pump selection program, and at the same time, standard the pump selection process throughout their distribution chain.

Two new pump manufacturers are now available on PUMP-FLO the pump manufacturer download list; SWABY Pumps in Illinois, and Kinetic Pump in Michigan. Both of these and 85 more are available for selection on PUMP-FLO.com.

The creation of an Electronic PUMP-FLO Catalog, or eCatalog, is a team effort between Engineered Software and the pump manufacturer. If you would like to see a manufacturers' catalog added to our list, please email info@pump-flo.com or call 800-786-8545. Don’t be afraid to ask your pump manufacturer about when they will be available for selection with the PIPE-FLO, Flow of Fluids, and PUMP-FLO programs.

For a FREE 21-day trial of the newest version of PUMP-FLO v10 click here.


The PUMP-FLO Feature Fact

The Multiple Pump Calculator


Both the desktop and web-based PUMP-FLO software have an easy-to-use Multiple Pump Calculator to assist you in searching for pumps in parallel or series. To use it, on the Design Point Search screen simply click on the Multiple Pump Calculator button:

In the calculator dialogue window that opens, enter the number of pumps you intend to run and click the parallel or series radio button. Then enter the Total System Head and Flow and click ‘OK’. PUMP-FLO will divide the total head or flow by the number of pumps and search for a single pump that will meet your total system head and flow when operated in parallel or series. (CONTINUED)

To read the complete article, “Using the Multiple Pump Calculator in PUMP-FLO” in the Knowledge Base.



New Pump Systems Matter™ Course!

Check our Fall schedule for new training locations and dates.


The Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter have created a new Pump System Optimization training and Engineered Software is making it available to you.

Learn why efficient pumping systems are important, how you can develop an Action Plan and how to conduct basic life cycle cost analyses. See Course Content here.

Pumping System Optimization seminar is one day and worth 7 Professional Development Hours. See what materials are included with your purchase.

Currently this class is offered on an “AS REQUESTED” basis. The CHEM SHOW has offered to host for one-time only, on Wednesday, November 18, 2009, during the show.

Full schedules are available here.

All of our training qualifies for Professional Development Hours or Continuing Educational Credits, and we will customize or combine classes for you company. For more information on hosting an onsite training or customizing your own classes, call or email today at 1-800-786-8545 or training@eng-software.com.

Here are a few of the remaining upcoming classes:


New York, NY ●  Nov 18
(During the Chem Show)


Denver, CO ●  Oct 6-8
Los Angeles, CA ● Nov 3-5


Wilmington, DE ● Sept 23-24
Los Angeles, CA ● Sept 30-Oct 1
Hartford, CT ● Oct 19-20


Ask an Engineer

Q. I occasionally need to size an orifice or flow meter, but don’t always have access to a PIPE-FLO license, due to the nature of my job. Are you aware of any tools that can handle a calculation like this, preferably one that I could access online?


A. Yes on the newly remodeled Flow of Fluids website, you can find a calculator tool just for that problem.

In fact, there are six new calculators and a handy unit conversion calculator, all of which can be used free by anyone. Look in the Main Menu on the homepage of the Flow of Fluids website. Many of the equations can be found and explained in the new editions of the TP410.

Use the new calculators to:

  • Perform single pipeline head loss calculations
  • Determine Reynolds Numbers
  • Convert Cv or Kv to K
  • Size a variety of orifices and nozzles
  • Determine pump power
  • Calculate the weight density, specific volume, and molar mass for an ideal gas

More calculators are planned for release so check back often, or look in the Quarterly PUMP-FLO Update e-News where all announcements are published.

If you have a question about piping systems, send your question to natalie@eng-software.com with “Ask an Engineer” in the subject line.


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