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Announcing New PUMP-FLO Insight Configurator Software

LACEY, Washington - January 11, 2011 - PUMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), releases the next generation of its PUMP-FLO product line, PUMP-FLO Insight. PUMP-FLO Insight is a completely integrated solution offerings not only PUMP-FLO's industry standard pump selection tool, but also fully customizable configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities. An interactive tour of the new configuration software is available online.

PUMP-FLO Insight provides a software tool that pump manufacturers, distributors, and operators can use from the preliminary stages of pump selection to the quote, sale and finally the support and maintenance tracking of their products. PUMP-FLO Insight is an easy-to-use, web-based product that dramatically reduces the time it takes to go from a customer's initial request for a quote to product shipment by up to 50%. By streamlining and automating much of the pre-manufacturing process, Insight helps users reduce their order-shipping cycle times.

The new PUMP-FLO Insight product leverages the Concept Enterprise Product Configurator® from Oak Brook, IL based company Configure One. Configure one has a long history of providing configuration solutions to the industrial equipment industry.

"We're very excited about adding Engineered Software, Inc. to our growing list of strategic partners," said Mike McDonnell, Configure One's Vice President of Product Development. "PUMP-FLO software is already recognized as an industry leader, and the addition of Configure One's product configuration capabilities, will further streamline the entire quote-to-order process."

"PUMP-FLO Insight utilizes the technology from Engineered Software's industry standard pump selection tool with the expertise of Configure One's highly regarded Concept configuration application," said Michael Blondin, Chief Operating Officer for Engineered Software, Inc. "The end result of combining these two best-in-class software products into one integrated solution is simply the best selection, configuration, pricing and quoting product available to the industrial equipment industry."

Insight enhances, and expands the functionality of PUMP-FLO allowing the user to select and configure the pump simultaneously and manage all documents associated with each quote and order generated. By leveraging the PUMP-FLO catalog functionality, pump curve data is more accurate than other configuration products currently available. PUMP-FLO Insight allows users to save their configurations and quickly search through existing quotes and related documents. PUMP-FLO Insight offers enhanced reporting, data management, performance, and scalability.

"Our customers wanted a full process solution that could utilize the powerful selection tool PUMP-FLO is known for, so creating a fully integrated configuration product was the next logical step for us," said Carolyn Popp, President and Chief Technical Officer for Engineered Software, Inc. "Our users have come to rely on our pump selection software as a key component to running their businesses. Now, with the Insight product, pump manufacturers can have a complete solution from the time their customer begins pump selection until the product is shipped from the manufacturing floor."

Each package is completely customized for the business workflow used by the company, and free consultations are available. Custom pricing and business process assessment available only by contacting PUMP-FLO Solutions phone 1-360-359-4026 or email info@pump-flo.com.

General PUMP-FLO Insight Facts:
•  Scalable, web-based, and secure cloud computing technology.
•  Integration with CAD, ERP, CRM, and other systems.
•  Integrated with PUMP-FLO electronic catalogs
•  Flexible Website Integration
•  PUMP-FLO Insight Product Tour

Additional Functionality:
•  Quote and Proposal Generation
•  Bill of Materials Module
•  Pricing, Costing, and Discounting Module
•  Generate Manufacturing Routing Reports
•  Security and User Access Level Management
•  Reports and Queries
•  Save User-Specified Data
•  Dynamic CAD and 3D Drawings
•  Real-Time 2D
•  Multilingual

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About PUMP-FLO Solutions (An Engineered Software Business) - Launched in 2002, PUMP-FLO Solutions is an Engineered Software business unit established to further develop and market the PUMP-FLO Enterprise product line and software suite. The PUMP-FLO Enterprise (PFE) solution delivers proven capabilities that help manufacturers automate their entire front-end business processes in order to reduce costs, improve accuracy, improve customer and distributor satisfaction, and increase profit margins. The PFE Software is a Windows-based (CD) program established in 1989 followed by the Web-based platform in 2002, both are used for product sizing and selection, pricing/configuration, quotation and proposal generation, order processing, parts ordering, and much more. PUMP-FLO Solutions currently provides software to over 100 manufacturers, including Ingersoll-Rand, Patterson, Gorman-Rupp, Cornell, Crane Pumps and Systems, and National Oilwell to name a few. For more information visit www.pump-flo.com.

About Configure One - Configure One is a leading provider of web-based product configurator and electronic catalog software.  Configure One's Concept Enterprise Product Configurator®, Concept E-Catalog®, and Concept E-Commerce® products are enterprise applications that enable companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Configure One's customers are able to increase revenues while reducing costs by automating much of the sales, order entry, and engineering processes.  Customers include industry leaders such as ABB, Emerson Electric, British Telecom, Danaher, Dover Corporation, General Dynamics, Stryker Medical, Sumitomo, and Thomas & Betts. For more information visit www.configureone.com.

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