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Lacey, Washington-October 1, 2008 - PUMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), the leading provider of pump selection software to the fluid handling industry, announced the release of its latest version of the PUMP-FLO program - PUMP-FLO Version 10. This fourth release of the program in the last ten years coincides with the addition of the 100th pump manufacturer to lend their catalog, and join the PUMP-FLO Solutions family . The PUMP-FLO software suite is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors, and pump users/specifiers in the sizing and selection of pumps, showing dynamic pump curves, and aids purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process.

"PUMP-FLO X, as we like to call it, is an improvement upon an already comprehensive selection tool," said Michael Blondin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Engineered Software, Inc. "The improvements make it even easier for our users to create accurate cost analyses of pump operation. This is a useful sales tool for the pump manufacturing and distributing industry, and is particularly helpful for pump users and specifiers who are looking for the right pump for their individual needs."

"We're fine tuning the tools in PUMP-FLO so our users can get the most accurate information needed to formulate a purchase decision," said Carolyn Popp, Chief Technical Officer for Engineered Software, Inc. "We've streamlined the ability to show as much or as little information that each user needs to make effective design choices."

New features include the ability to determine the proper selection point for Pf10menumultiple pump operation, by means of the Multiple Pump Design Point calculator. You may now select regenerative turbine pump styles in PUMP-FLO version 10. There is an added option of selecting pumps in pressure units, and a new curve generator that automatically shows the system resistance curve on the pump graph. A new Atmospheric Pressure Calculator has been included to help users determine their normal atmospheric pressure based on the local elevation, these measurements can have an effect on accurate pump selection. Other modifications make the variable speed cost analysis tool even easier to use because the system curve information is automatically available to the user.

"The changes we made were a direct result of the changing needs of our users, and a big desire lately has been to look for areas to save on energy costs," said Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer for Engineered Software, Inc. "A properly sized pump can save significantly on costs over the life of the pump and system. PUMP-FLO gives specifiers a way to be energy efficient and design conscious in there selection process."

The PUMP-FLO software suite is available as both a Windows-based (CD) and Web-based software solution to support all user preferences. Both platforms are built from the same architecture and interface to ensure rapid implementation and a short learning curve. The PUMP-FLO program was built on over 20 years of research & development, stemming from the industry standard PIPE-FLO Windows-based product. The software can be branded and built to fulfill individual customer's needs.

More than 100 of the world's largest and most recognized pump companies including Goulds Pumps, Gorman-Rupp, Patterson Pump, Crane Pumps & Systems, and The Pentair Pump Group rely on PUMP-FLO Solutions' products and services to help optimize their business processes and increase sales and revenue.

New Features and Improvements:

• Generate System Resistance Curves based on Design Point, Total Head Calculator, or Multiple Pump Calculator.
• Select from Regenerative Turbine pump catalogs
• Multiple Speed Graph ISO lines
• Atmospheric Pressure Calculator
• Selecting pumps in pressure units
• Multiple Pump Design Point Calculator
• Variable Speed Pump Cost Analysis Calculator

Software Facts:

• Web-based and Windows-based desktop (CD), platforms available.
• 80 catalogs are available on the free web based version. Over 100 catalogs are available through the desktop version.
• PUMP-FLO pump selection tool is included as part of the PIPE-FLO® piping system design software.
• Demo free trial available for the desktop version.
• Web-version has over 150,000 registered users.

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About PUMP-FLO Solutions (An Engineered Software Business) Launched in 2002, PUMP-FLO Solutions is an Engineered Software business unit established to further develop and market the PUMP-FLO Enterprise product line and software suite. The PUMP-FLO Enterprise (PFE) solution delivers proven capabilities that help manufacturers automate their entire front end business processes in order to reduce costs, improve accuracy, improve customer and distributor satisfaction, and increase profit margins. The PFE Software is a Windows-based (CD) program established in 1989 followed by the Web-based platform in 2002; both are used for product sizing and selection, pricing/configuration, quotation and proposal generation, order processing, parts ordering, and much more. PUMP-FLO Solutions currently provides software to over 85 manufacturers, including The Pentair Pump Group, Gorman-Rupp Co., Sulzer Pumps, Inc., Goulds Pumps, and Crane Pumps & Systems to name a few. For more information visit www.pump-flo.com/solutions.

PUMP-FLO is a trademark of Engineered Software. All other companies or products listed are trademarks of their respected owners.

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